Copy of The Garment's Commitment

The Garment wholeheartedly believes that Black Lives Matter, is anti-racist, and will continue to work to support BIPOC Makers.

As many people have said in recent weeks, anti-racism is a marathon, not a sprint. We are deeply committed to helping to facilitate a more inclusive (fashion) world, and at The Garment, we are in this for the long haul.

Here are some of the action steps we have committed to:

1. To help children be more socially conscious and inclusive: 

Weldon is offering a three part workshop on raising Socially Conscious Children.

We connected with the folks at Weldon and they are excited to welcome members of The Garment Collective/Community into The Workshop.

You can find a trailer for the workshop here.

If this is something you’re interested in, we invite you to register.

2. To help decrease the barriers for BIPOC people interested in becoming ethical fashion designers: 

We worked with an online sustainable fashion accelerator to establish The Garment Scholarship for Emerging BIPOC Designers. We have raised $1550 so far.

3. To help our community learn and make better/more inclusive/more responsible choices:

We are hosting regular events addressing a number of topics including diversity, and inviting BIPOC to facilitate.

Anu George Canjanathoppil, executive director of IJM Canada, will speak to us about the intersection of fashion and slavery, including a discussion of her perspective on the role of race (August).

4. To diversify leadership of The Garment:

We are exploring this as it relates to supporting a community of people wanting a better (fashion) world. 

5. To help brands be more inclusive: 

We will continue to host Community Model shoots to help brands diversify their imagery and will pay the models for their contribution.

We hosted “How to Become a Better Ally” webinar event for over 500 brands with Diversity and Inclusion Coach Erica Courdae. Encouraged Makers who attended to hire Erica directly.

We intend to review The Garment Standard to reflect the high priority The Garment places on diversity and inclusion (by end of summer).

6. To support new BIPOC Makers:

We are seeking out sustainably-minded BIPOC Makers to participate in our Virtual Pop-Ups and The Storefront.

In addition to an increased BIPOC presence in Pop-Ups, we are committing to a minimum of 15% BIPOC Makers on the Storefront by the end of 2021.  

7. To Support past BIPOC Makers:

We asked Garment Community Members who wanted to support BIPOC brands in their growth to share relevant skills (legal, accounting, communications, financing, pattern drafting, etc.) and offered a list of those skills to the BIPOC Makers who have been featured by The Garment in the past. The idea was to serve/support these Makers in a tangible way other than (or in addition to), buying their clothes. The Garment offered free ethics/sustainability support. *The list of people who offered support and their contact information was emailed to past BIPOC Makers.

We are hosting a BIPOC Ethical Fashion Styling Week event from July 20 - 26 to help highlight the garments we love from our past BIPOC Makers. Details coming soon.