Running a business rooted in ethics shouldn't be so hard.

Reaching people who care about responsibly made garments with high-quality fashion that's on-trend-yet-classic, made with integrity, and crafted from good materials shouldn't feel like shouting into an abyss only to hear the echo of your own voice come back.

We see you.

Yes, you —

Over there in your corner of the world, working with your well-loved, talented team to make beautiful pieces of clothing that will stand the test of time, and don't have you cringing every time you're asked where, how, and with what materials your garments are made.

We're cheering right alongside you as you prioritize things like fit, quality, sustainability, fair wages, and global impact. And we're leaning in with you, facing the challenges that come with all of it.


(Oh, and we're bringing 35k—and counting—of our closest friends with us.)

The Garment exists to make ethical fashion successful.

At the core of everything we're doing—building community, equipping and educating both consumers and Makers, and driving sales between small businesses and more than 35,000 consumers who might otherwise not have found them—we exist to make sure that ethical fashion is accessible and profitable.

Running a business rooted in ethics shouldn't be so hard, but if making the ethical choice isn't easy—it's unlikely anyone will make it.


So we're making the choice more available and watching success unfold alongside accessibility.

Be part of something bigger — help us change the face of fashion.

You are ready to partner with The Garment if:

  1. Your business is financially strong (For example, you're operating at a profit and paying all of your employees a wage that reflects their value to the company — you'll be able to confidently and comfortably share a portion of your profits with The Garment.)
  2. You have exceptional customer service practices.
  3. You can ship 100+ order within 4 weeks of receiving them (For example, after a Virtual Pop-Up!)
  4. You have a selection of pieces that meet The Garment's criteria for classic style, quality, fit, and price integrity.
  5. You believe you align with the People and Planet elements of The Garment Standard.

We're ready to apply as partners.

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Not quite checking off that list? Refine your business and get in tip-top shape.

If you think you could be a good fit to partner with The Garment but know you have some things to work through first, we have two possible options for you.

If you're just starting out...

You have an idea for an ethical fashion company but aren't sure how to source fabric, find a manufacturer, or start your production in a sustainable way.

Factory45 is a program designed to help you do just that, and through our partnership, founder Shannon Lohr, will mentor and help you along the way.

Learn about Factory45

If you have an established brand...

You've been in business for about six moths to two years, but are experiencing the operational challenges or stock limitations that come with running a small business.

Through our partnership with StartUp Fashion, Garment Community Makers (yup, if you're reading this, that's you) get special access to Nicole Giordano's program, which helps Makers take actions, make progress, and reach their fashion business goals.

Learn about StartUp Fashion