It's easy to say you
hold yourself
to high


What's harder is actually walking them out.

We'd all like to think our beliefs and our actions line up, but the truth is: sometimes the grey areas of life make that difficult. Here at The Garment, we help fashionable businesses and people align their practices—whether manufacturing or shopping—with their beliefs.


The Garment Standard

A comprehensive, codified, wholistic, ethical standard that can be reasonably applied to a fashion business to establish a baseline of responsible and sustainable standards.

Connecting with a community of more than 35k+ engaged members and businesses, The Garment seeks to put tools in the hands of the people who participate in the fashion industry at every level.

Considering factors like sustainable textiles and fibres, fair wages, classic style, fit and integrity between clothing prices and quality, The Garment Standard provides a metric by which we can evaluate and endorse a brand to call it "responsible".

The Garment Standard addresses three areas of impact:



The Garment assesses products on the basis of quality, style, design, fit, and price integrity. We look for garments that are well made, timeless, and appeal to a diverse range of shapes & lifestyles, that are functional and durable with a price appropriate to the value of the product.


Fundamental human and labor rights, as well as workplace standards, are met or exceeded by all brands featured by The Garment. We look for certifications and formal policies on supply chain labor rights and fair wages that extend beyond in-house teams into manufacturing partnerships.  


We work with and endorse Makers who encourage responsible consumption, production, and non-disposability of clothing. We search the world to find the most responsible option that we can find for that item, considering overall brand practices, style, and price. If an item we feature is made of materials that could be improved upon, we work to educate that Maker and provide them with the resources to improve over time.

Brands that meet The Garment Standard will:

  1.  Produce garments with a high level of craft and skill.
  2. Monitor their manufacturing partners to ensure all labor workers are compensated at least with minimum wage, overtime, and benefits that align with the legal standard in the country where they work.
  3. Ensure all labor workers work hours consistent with minimum labor standards and that there is absolutely no forced or child labor taking place in the factories and workshops where their products are made.
  4. Actively engage their teams to ensure no discrimination or harassment is practiced at any level of the production process, with both their internal and partner teams.
  5. Maintain healthy and safe work environments.
  6. Utilize fibres and materials with high standards of global impact, including certified organic fibres, sustainably sourced cotton, certified recycled fibres, natural fibres, up-cycled materials, certified animal fibres and materials, as well as seek to continue refining the materials and fibres they use as well as the suppliers they source from.

The Garment is setting the new standard for fashion, one that promotes sustainability, inclusivity, education, and respect, and we're humbled to work with them and proud to be part of this community. As Makers, we see the The Garment as a leader for change in our industry, challenging us to do better and giving us the support to tell our story, connect with like-minded brands and individuals, grow our business, and navigate the future of fashion.