The Garment's Commitment

The Garment wholeheartedly believes that Black Lives Matter, is anti-racist, and will continue to work to support BIPOC Makers.


Some of the steps we are taking in 2020-2021 include: 
1. Actively seeking out sustainably-minded BIPOC Makers to participate in our Virtual Pop-Ups and The Storefront. In addition to an increased BIPOC presence in Pop-Ups, we are committing to a minimum of 15% BIPOC Makers on the Storefront by the end of 2021.  
2. Creating a BIPOC scholarship fund that will be open for emerging BIPOC Makers to support and accelerate their businesses. This will be executed in partnership with a sustainable fashion accelerator. 
3. Reviewing The Garment Standard to reflect the high priority The Garment places on diversity and inclusion - articulate language that reflects a base level of understanding of the importance of not tolerating racism, while providing Makers with resources to deepen their allyship. 

4. Asking Garment Community Members who want to support BIPOC brands in their growth to share relevant skills (legal, accounting, communications, financing, pattern drafting, etc.) and offering a list of those skills to the nine BIPOC Makers who have been featured by The Garment in the past. The idea is to serve/support these Makers in a tangible way other than (or in addition to), buying their clothes. The Garment will provide free ethics/sustainability support if that is something these Makers want/need. Find the post on our Instagram account, here.

5. Hosting regular events addressing a number of topics including diversity, and invite paid BIPOC to facilitate workshops and present to The Collective on a variety of topics.  



Thank you to everyone here for your belief in what we are doing.